Following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the political leadership of many NATO, European, and North American nations have agreed upon and implemented unprecedented sanctions against selected Russian individuals, businesses, and the financial infrastructure of the country. In addition, some Russian financial institutions will be excluded from the global SWIFT network, making cross-border financial transactions with these selected banks impossible through the SWIFT channel.

TIS is providing free advisory services to businesses who may have questions or concerns surrounding sanction screening. Please fill out the form for assistance.

TIS Sanction Screening:

  • TIS Sanction Screening assists in preventing accidental payment to a sanctioned party by businesses.
  • Covers six global sanction lists, including OFAC, United Nations, European Union and United Kingdom.
  • The sanction lists are updated automatically daily and on demand.


  • TIS’s SWIFT connectivity channel will automatically manage the implications resulting from the exclusion of Russian banks from SWIFT.
  • Will assist organizations with identifying impacted transactions.

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